Real Property and Title Litigation

Parker & Riggs LLP represents and counsels a variety of stakeholders - including owners, lenders, financial institutions, escrow companies, brokers, underwritten title companies, and title insurers and their insureds - with respect to Real Property and Title Litigation and advising matters.

Included among such matters are issues involving: ownership; lien priority; loan fraud; property boundaries; easements; defective deeds and instruments; reformation; purchase-and-sale; option agreements; mortgages, deeds of trust, and other loan agreements; foreclosure; title; quiet title; common interest development; land use; entitlements; construction; mechanics' liens; escrow; forgery; bad faith; breach of contract; broker liability; escrow liability; agency; and real-property-related enforcement-of-judgment and bankruptcy issues.

Also included among such matters are issues involving: insurance claims and coverage analysis; extra-contractual insurer liability and bad faith; subrogation; indemnity; equitable indemnity; and recoupment.